Avolta contracted with Butterfield dairy to develop a renewable natural gas (RNG) project that provides environmental, operational and financial benefits. Butterfield cares for more than 25,000 cows who’s manure will be processed to generate over 300,000 MMBtu of RNG annually for use as renewable transportation fuel. As part of the project, Avolta partnered with the dairy to integrate their manure management system into the RNG project by switching from a fresh water flush to a recycled water flush, to maximize the benefits to the project with minimal impact to dairy operations and cow health.

This project reduces water usage, improves bedding quality, provides an additional revenue stream, and captures greenhouse gas for beneficial use that otherwise would have been released into the atmosphere. The RNG project created a win-win-win situation for the dairy, the community and the environment.

Butterfield began delivering gas into an existing Southwest Gas Pipeline Q1 2023.

“We designed Butterfield Dairy to be carbon neutral through managing our water to support crops and capture carbon dioxide. This RNG project with Avolta is a next phase in this tradition of  continuous improvement with many benefits for our farming operation and the environment.”  – Tommy de Jong Sr., Owner

Butterfield Project Overview