Gov Graney


Gov Siegel


Patrick Graney

Adam Scarr
Director of Engineering & Shared Services
Alex Baker
Biogas Process Engineer
Andrew Sarver
Biogas Project Manger
Anissa Price
Director of Administration
Brad Mau
Project Manager
Brad Weg
Director of Biogas Operations & Construction Management
Brian Yockel
Biogas Development Manager
Camden Zappi
EH&S Manager
Chase Ogburn
Vice President of Project Execution
Cinda Hewitt
Director of Accounting
James Ruggles
Vice President of Corporate Development
Joe Pletcher
Vice President of Biogas Operations and Project Development
Joel Symonds
Vice President
& General Council
Jon Phillips
Manager - Taxation
Kim Sachse
Director of Marketing
Kirsten Brown
Manager of Project Engineering
Megan Keffer
Director of Biogas Administration
Michael Fischer
Director of Capital Project Procurement
Mike Frederick
Project Superintendent
Monica Morelli

Executive Assistant
Pete Morcheid, P.E., PMP
Vice President
of Engineering
& Shared Services
Ryan Childress
Vice President, Revenue & Strategy Development
Theresa Dudding
Vice President of Accounting & Administration
Zach Toothman
Director of Project